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Shenzhen Jiayu Mechatronic CO., Ltd, is a high-tech enterprise with multiple invention patents and software copyrights such as servo drive and channel gate control technology. The industry's logic and control technology for the gate movement module, the self-developed and manufactured electronic control module for pedestrian passage gates and vehicle barrier gates have covered customers in various industries such as high-speed rail stations, subway stations, airports, ports, highways, etc. group. Since its establishment, our company has won the recognition and support of our customers by virtue of "excellent quality, honest service". The factory covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters. In the channel gate equipment industry, tens of thousands of electronic control products developed and manufactured by Jiayu Mechatronic Co., Ltd. have been shipped on supporting customers' complete equipment, which are spread all over the country, as well as overseas regions such as Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

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We have been contributed a lot to this field. In the future, the company will focus more on the improvement of product performance and quality, and continue to build the top brand of electronic control of channel gates. We Have totally more than 60 staff members, including a very strong R&D team with 10 engineers and technicians, they are always ready to meet your OEM/ODM requirements.


Jiayu is committed to the R&D, production, sales and pre-sales and after-sales service of the core module of the automatic gate control movement. It is a main module supplier in the domestic gate control industry and provides professional product solutions for customers. The company's technology stems from mature domestic and foreign technology transfer and independent research and development. The products are localized and the core technology is independently controllable.The company introduced advanced control technology and manufacturing technology from Germany and Switzerland, and has an experienced R&D and manufacturing team. In the application field of security gate control gate equipment, it has realized infrared and light curtains.